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TECO Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of TAIWAN TECO Electric & Machinery Company, had been issued its investment license in 2006 by the Vietnam government. TECO Electric & Machinery Company was founded in 1956. It was initially engaged in motor production then had entered the field of heavy electricity, electronic control, home appliances, information, communications, electronics & key components, infrastructure construction and financial investment and other diversified areas of development.

As early as 1968, TECO Electric & Machinery company cooperated with General Electric company (GE) and Kabushiki-gaisha Yasukawa Denki (Yasukawa) in the electromechanical field. Then TECO cooperated with Westinghouse USA, Hitachi Japan, Ericsson Sweden, Mitsubishi Japan, Deutsche Telekom Germany, Siemens and other international groups in many industrial sectors. TECO Group currently controls more than 50 subsidiaries which are located in the Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia, and has more than 10,000 workforce all over the world. It is one of the well-known enterprises in the world.

TECO Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd ismanufacturing Magnetic Switch and No Fuse Breaker and other low voltage products. TECO provides high and low voltage distribution equipment, generators, power distribution panels, inverters, PLC and servo controllers and other products to meet the customers’ needs for safety of electricity. And TECO also provides complete automation services to our clients.

So much experience tells us that only good quality, perfect service, and continuous innovation, are the most important factors to success. We promise and will always adhere to bringing customers the securest and the most comfortable life experience. Come on! Make a better world with TECO!


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